Rock Band Land

Music video for Week 10 of The RBL Donkey Camp Show 2020 with members of Mega Charizard , Pickle's Band, and Techno Chameleons.


Summer 2020, Rock Band Land did their summer camp entirely through Zoom (on account of Covid), so instead of the weekly final performance we typically did, we filmed all the kids playing to their song over Zoom, which I edited together each week. 

Official Music Video for YZARC's "Pets". When a crew of adventurers are in trouble, the pets they left behind have no choice but to go on an epic adventure to save them! Brewed from the CRAZY minds of these young warlocks during shelter-in-place comes an epic tale in song form.

A teaser video I put together for the Rock Band Land Online Club program, using material from our Zoom summer camp. 

Prompted by the question "How would you act if you were a royal ruler," OG rocker & artists Emily, submitted a most wonderful poem that I turned into a visual art piece.

Ponch de Leon's music video for their original song, The Imposter! Ponch de Leon is Rock Band Land's one and only Elder Rock Out band, and this is the incredible result of months of work (much of which was done at a distance). 

Each member filmed themself playing along to the song, and I pulled out clips to edit together this final music video.

Oakland Youth Radio

Kuya discusses the Remix Your Life program at Oakland Youth Radio!

This is a personal project I completed for a class, in which I interviewed Kuya Rodriguez at Oakland Youth Radio about a program he was working on there.